“I tried to do it myself, and I think I made it worse”

“It looked really easy on YouTube, Better Homes and The Lifestyle channel”

“I thought if I could buy it in a regular store, I must be able to do it too”

How many times have you, as a Tradie, heard the above lines? We’d be very surprised if you haven’t. You know the drill too – undoing a client’s mess is often far more time consuming, expensive and painful than if they’d just put the job in your hands in the first place.

Well, we in the finance industry have our own familiar lines:

“I didn’t realise I had to / didn’t have to add GST onto that”

“What do you mean I have to do reports every quarter?”

“Oh, is it a bad idea to have only one bank account for everything?”

“I didn’t know that I could save money by restructuring my business”

The pain that you experience when a client drops a DIY mess onto you is the same that we experience when a financial DIY mess crosses our path and just like yours, it is more time consuming, expensive and painful than if we’d had everything setup correctly from the start.

Just as we would not (and don’t) go out to client sites to run wiring / lay pipe / build walls / lay carpet etc, we strongly discourage any tradies from going fully DIY with their finances. But just as everyone wants the right tradie on their job (after all, we don’t call in a painter to build a wall, or a carpenter to install electricals), you also want the right accountant on your team.

That is why we formed Tax for Tradies. Whether you’re a business owner, a self-employed contractor, an employee, full time, part time, casual, or a bit of a mix, we can make sure that your financials are correct and accurate and that you’re doing everything necessary to make your business and your family secure. We also help you create your objectives and reach them – after all, the purpose of our respective careers is to earn what we need and then want. We’ll help you reach those goals.

Are you ready to have Tax for Tradies as part of your team? Great! Contact us today – we pride ourselves on being available to you when you need us.